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your treatment & fees

*She is not receiving new patients for the summer -- please email her to be put on the waitlist for autumn. Thank you!*

60 MIN adult initial treatment: $140 (includes GST)

60 MIN or 30 MIN adult follow up: $140 or $90

45-60 MIN baby initial treatment: $120

30-45 MIN baby follow up: $90

You can expect an enjoyable therapeutic manual treatment involving spinal manipulation, myofascial release, visceral and cranial work. Please see my Why Osteopathy page for more info. 

You will be fully clothed for your treatment, so please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing


Sessions are between 45-60 minutes, including assessment and billing. The first part of your appointment will be spent discussing your health history and going through an assessment, in order to identify areas where the body is moving well and areas that are proving problematic.

At the end of your treatment, home care will be discussed (what you can do on your own time to help with the progression of your healing), and whether rebooking is suggested. 

Direct billing is not available at this time. Please check with your extended medical provider for whether you have osteopathic coverage. 

Please note, I do not work with WCB or ICBC claims.

If you are new, aim to book two appointments 3-4 weeks apart to ensure prompt follow-up time.

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